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Fire Station Number 5

Largest Response Area

Station 5 opened on  February 23, 2018 off of Firehouse Lane and Jason Dwelley Parkway and has the largest response area of all six Apopka stations. Located in the middle of the city's Northwest Recreation Complex, station 5 protects a rapidly growing area of mostly residential neighborhoods including Rock Springs Ridge, Oak Ridge, Wekiva Run, Pittman Estates, Blue Grass Estates and many more. Their response area includes an elementary and middle school, numerous nurseries and agricultural businesses, and the northern portion of the Wekiva Parkway toll road to the Lake County line. 

Station 5 is staffed with seven firefighters and operates Engine 5, Ambulance 5 and Squad 5. The squad is a part of the department's special operations team and responds to all unique or complex incidents in the city along with the Heavy Rescue unit from station 1.