Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

The most frequent cause of smelly water is insufficient water usage. Water needs to be run to keep the lines full of fresh water. If the house has been empty or has had the water turned off for more than a few days, it will need to be thoroughly flushed for a few minutes to clear the smell. An odor in one faucet in the house can usually be remedied by flushing the offending faucet. 

Other possible causes are:

  • Water softener (if applicable) malfunctioning or in need of service.
  • Bacterial growth in a drain, or a dried out drain. Treat with baking soda and vinegar or go online for other drain freshening ideas
  • Buildup of scale in hot water tank. Go online and search for how to ‘Flush your Water Heater’.

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1. Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?
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