Why is my water discolored?

Discoloration in water can be caused by a high flow rate, or a change in direction of the flow. Because many of the City of Apopka’s water main distribution lines are looped, changes in demand in one area can change the flow direction in other areas. Discolored water can also occur when we test fire hydrants, during new construction connections to the water mains, and if there is a main break. Discoloration in the water may also be cause by aging water hoses or toilet tank parts. If the water coming from your faucet or in your toilets appears black or greasy, you may need to replace these hoses. If you find that your faucets are producing discolored water, run them for at least three minutes. If this does not clear up the discoloration, please contact the City so that we can come flush the main lines for the whole area. 

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