Why should I enroll in the Customer Portal?

Enrolling in the Sensus Water Consumption Portal will allow customers to view water usage. Customers can access the data about water usage through a personal laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Customers can see how much water is consumed by the month, week, day, and hour (Usage information may be delayed by four hours). 

We hope this portal will assist our customers in conserving water and locating leaks. 

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1. Why should I enroll in the Customer Portal?
2. How can I sign up for the Sensus Water Consumption Portal?
3. What type of alerts can I set up?
4. Why does it show that I have more than one meter in my Customer Portal?
5. If I check the meter and then check the customer portal, will I see changes in real time?
6. Why is my Customer Portal not showing any data?
7. Do I need multiple sign-ins if I have more than one account?
8. How can I reset my password?
9. Who should I contact if I have additional questions after viewing the portal?