Black History Month Book Project

Celebrating Legends of Apopka in Honor of Black History Month 2024

The City of Apopka and Apopka Youth Council honor twenty-nine legends that have paved the way for so many in our community. 

Celebrating Legends of Apopka Book with blooming bromeliads in the background

Our Volume 2 Celebrating Legends of Apopka booklet is available for purchase. The cost is $10 (Sales tax included). Cash or Check (Checks made out to City of Apopka). Funds to go towards expansion of the Apopka Museum. The booklets are available for purchase at the front kiosk in City Hall. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Celebrating Legends of Apopka in Honor of Black History Month 2024

Be sure to join us on February 27, 2024 from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Apopka Community Center for our Celebrating Legends of Apopka Black History Month event. This event will include

  • A Special Proclamation by Mayor Bryan Nelson
  • Honoring of the 2024 Legends and their families
  • Special Music by Mark Wright & Wekiva High School Varsity Choir
  • Reception for all attendees

Celebrating Legends of Apopka in Honor of Black History Month Volume 2 Black History Month Book Cove

Celebrating Legends of Apopka in Honor of Black History Month 2024

1 Jimmy Baker Jr

Jimmy Baker Jr.

1939 to 2006

2 Rev. Willie Bell

Rev. Willie Bell

1915 to 2002

3 Albert Boykin

Albert Boykin

1889 to 1972

4 John Henry Bridges

John Henry Bridges

1914 to 1990

5 Rev. Dr. Herman Lee Dericho

Rev. Dr. Herman Lee Dericho

1934 to 2023

6 Hannah Dixon Andrews

Hannah Dixon Andrews

1921 to 2003

7 Bertha Gladden

Bertha Gladden

1907 to 1978

8 Ethel Mae Grant

Ethel Mae Grant

1910 to 2007

9 Richard Louis Jabo Grant

Richard Louis "Jabo" Grant

1907 to 1989

10 John Hickey

John Hickey

1871 to 1955

11 Eddie Jamoldroy Justice

Eddie Jamoldroy Justice

1986 to 2016

12 Jackie Lee Massey, Sr

Jackie Lee Massey, Sr.

1950 to 2018

13 Rosalyn Aprina McFadden-Grubbs

Rosalyn Aprina McFadden-Grubbs

1937 to 2011

14 Clifford James McKenzie

Clifford James McKenzie

1941 to 2016

15 Leroi Victor Millsap, Jr

Leroi Victor Millsap, Jr.

1955 to 2018

16 Earma Lee Carey Peterson

Earma Lee Carey Peterson

1930 to 2018

17 Prince Pollard, Sr

Prince Pollard, Sr.

1921 to 1974

18 Leonard Rand

Leonard Rand

1904 to 1998

19 Martha J. Richardson

Martha J. Richardson

1921 to 1996

20 Eartha Mae Salmon

Eartha Mae Salmon

1934 to 2015

21 Wilfred Sanders, Sr

Wilfred Sanders, Sr.

1929 to 2014

22 Herbert Scott, Sr

Herbert Scott, Sr.

1922 to 1998

23 Mayetta Sexton

Dr. Rev. Mayetta Sexton

1925 to 2009

24 Dr. Shirley Sharpe- Terrell

Dr. Shirley Sharpe-Terrell

1947 to 2021

25 Frank Smith

Frank Smith

1910 to 1998

26 Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams

1877 to 1983

27 Alonzo Williams, Jr

Alonzo Williams, Jr.

1938 to 2024

28 Jessie Williams

Jessie Williams

1902 to 1990

29 Chanell Latoni Wright

Chanell Latoni Wright

2004 to 2011


Special Message

The 2023 to 2024 Apopka Youth Council would like to take a special moment to express gratitude to Ms. Fancina Boykin without whom this second volume of Legends of Apopka would not have been possible. The hours, resources, knowledge, and kindness Ms. Boykin was willing to share for the compilation of the Legends included in this book, speak not only to her genuine love for history but this community as well.

Thank you, Ms. Boykin, for sharing your time and knowledge so generously,

The 2023 to 2024 Apopka Youth Council