KnoxBox Program


A KnoxBox® is a small wall mounted safe that hold contents like keys, entry cards or codes that the property owner wants to remain secure but accessible to Apopka Fire Department.

Why install a Knoxbox®?

The contents of the KnoxBox® provides the Apopka Fire Department personnel a quick, safe and non-destructive way of accessing the property you own.  This prevents time lost for the personnel on scene waiting for a key holder.  This prevents you the property owner from having to leave your home at an inconvenient time, and also could potentially save you significant costs for damages to entryways if it were necessary to force into the building.

Is it safe?

It is absolutely safe and the most secure system on the market.  Fire departments have stopped carrying keys on apparatus for buildings throughout each of their respective first dues because the keys were unsecure and the key ring became unmanageable.  With a singular keyed system, we access the box that you own and you control the content of that box.

Where are they mounted?

We recommend KnoxBoxes® get mounted somewhere fixed and visible at six feet in height.  The boxes come with reflective striping that helps us identify them at night.  Before installation contact Apopka Fire Department at 407 703-1756 to confirm location.

Who is required to purchase a KnoxBox®?

Any commercial business that has fire sprinklers or a fire alarm system is required to purchase a KnoxBox®. Feel free to contact the Apopka Fire Department at 407 703-1756 with any questions before purchasing.  The link provided below will redirect you to the website to order. Once you are in the Knox website click “BUY” then select our state and for agency type Apopka Fire Dept.

Visit the KnoxBox® website to learn more.