Reclaimed Water Reminders

  • Reclaimed water is delivered through out the City in purple pipelines or pipes with purple tag markings. For your home irrigation systems white PVC pipe is ok.
  • The City of Apopka does not allow any spigots on residential reclaimed water service. All water spigots attached to you home or property must be potable water only.
  • Connecting the reclaimed water system to the drinking water or sewer system is strictly prohibited. These cross connections can lead to illness and damage. 
  • Make sure you adjust your irrigation sprinklers so that the reclaimed water does not overspray onto paved surfaces, into swimming pools or spas, directly onto edible vegetation that is not meant to be eaten peeled or cooked, or onto you neighbors property.
  • Remember, water smart. We recommend using no more 0.5 inches of water per zone and never water more than one hour per zone. Reclaimed water should not be allowed to pool, puddle, or run off the property. Make sure that your automatic irrigation system has a working rain sensor, so that you don’t waste money and water by watering on rainy days.
  • Maintain your irrigation and backflow devices. Help protect yourself, others, and the environment. Incorrectly maintained irrigation systems could allow pets and wildlife to ingest the reclaimed water, if humans shouldn't drink it, then neither should animals.
  • Reclaimed water should never be consumed in any form, should not be piped inside of building, should never be used for swimming or bathing purposes, should not be used to wash vehicles (it leaves spots), and should never be used to cool air-conditioning systems.