Hauler Information for Grease

Ultimately the sole responsibility for grease trap/interceptor/separator cleaning and maintenance is the responsibility of its owner. The City requires, per the Sewer Use Ordinance, that you hire a professional hauler to preform this cleaning and maintenance at a minimum of every 90-days or when the solids and grease in the unit has reduced the removal capacity by more than 20% (whichever is shorter). 

All haulers are required by the City’s Sewer Use ordinance to abide by the following rules:

  • All cleaning and pump out of trap/interceptor/separator shall include the complete removal of all contents, including floating materials, wastewater, and any sludge or solids found in the bottom of the units.
  •  All pump out and maintenance of traps/interceptors/separators shall include the cleaning and removal of all materials from the tank walls, baffles, cross pipes, and inlet and outlet pipes.
  • The practices of decanting, back flushing, and/or discharging of removed solid or liquid wastes back into the interceptor/trap/separator for any reason are strictly prohibited.
  • Any wastes removed shall be disposed of only at a facility permitted to receive such wastes. In no way shall any portion of the pumpage be returned to any private or public access to the collection system or treatment plant without prior written approval from the Public Services Director.
  • Pumpage and maintenance of trap/interceptors/separators must be recorded and tracked using a hauling manifest that confirms the pumping, hauling, and disposal of wastes, as well as the depth of the grease in the unit and any accumulated sludge/solids on the bottom.
  • A copy of each completed manifest with disposal information needs to be emailed to Apopka's Pretreatment within 5 business days of the pump out event.