City Bid Process Update

The City of Apopka is transitioning its electronic bidding platform from DemandStar to a bid building software called OpenGov Procurement. OpenGov Procurement provides current bid information, including automated bid solicitation notifications. There is no charge to vendors wishing to sign up for OpenGov Procurement.

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About OpenGov Procurement

OpenGov Procurement streamlines the bid submittal process for vendors by reducing the amount of time it takes for staff to create, post, and evaluate each bid. The new e-Procurement Portal allows prospective Vendors and Suppliers the ability to:

  • Electronically submit bids in one place and eliminate the submission of paper proposals. 
  • Receive notifications of future bid opportunities by selecting the “Subscribe” button (after account creation).
  • Receive timely support for bid questions.
  • Submit questions and receive answers online regarding open bid opportunities.
  • Track updates to existing bids by clicking the “Follow” button. This will allow all interested bidders to receive amendments and addenda automatically.
  • Use a vendor guided process of responding electronically to bids to ensure your bids have been accurately completed.
  • View bid opportunities issued by the City of Apopka in one location.

To view bids from the City of Apopka, please visit OpenGov Procurement  - City of Apopka

To register as a vendor and submit proposals, please refer to the Vendor Guides

Click here to visit the legacy DemandStar platform

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For additional questions, please email Purchasing

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Vendor Community Workshop on June 3, 2021

The City of Apopka hosted a free Vendor Community Workshop on Thursday, June 3, 2021 for vendors interested in learning about the bid process and requirements for doing business with the City of Apopka. 

Presenters included:

  • Jessica Pugh, City of Purchasing Administrator
  • Geri M. Forslund, ProcureNow: Director of Customer Success (Now OpenGov Procurement)
  • Dr. Shakenya Jackson, City of Apopka Grants Administrator
  • Melissa N. Fox, Fred Fox Enterprises, Inc.: Grants Compliance Manager
  • Nicole Kennedy, City of Apopka Sustainability Coordinator
  • Bob Cambric, SELF (Solar and Energy Loan Fund): Board Member
  • Lauri Gomez Borg, SELF (Solar and Energy Loan Fund): Program Director Orlando/Orange County

Download the Apopka Vendor Community Workshop files. 

Watch the Apopka Vendor Community Workshop on the City's YouTube Channel. 

Interested in becoming a contractor with SELF? Visit their online contractor application to learn more