Trespass Program

This program is a cooperation between your business and the Apopka Police Department to enable the police to trespass individuals as a representative of your organization.

Person Authorized

The City of Apopka will keep a letter on file from the property owner identifying any member of the Apopka Police Department as a person authorized to trespass individuals from the subject property. Pursuant to Florida Statute, the term "person authorized" means any owner or lessee, or his or her agent, or any law enforcement officer whose department has received written authorization from the owner or lessee, or his or her agent, to communicate an order to depart the property in the case of a threat to public safety or welfare.

Department & Property Owner Cooperation

We have found such cooperation between this department and the property owners and their agents within in the city leads to a decrease in crime, vandalism, and litter. Such cooperation improves the quality of life of the residents of the community.

Taking Part

If you want to be part of the program you can call Code Enforcement at 407-703-1738. Forms can be picked up and submitted at the Apopka Police Department, located at 112 East 6th Street here in Apopka.