Stormwater Management Program

About The City of Apopka's Stormwater Management Program

The City of Apopka is required to implement a Stormwater Management Program per the Phase I MS4 permit issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). The goal of this program is to reduce the amount of pollutants that enter surface waterbodies in stormwater discharges.  

The program is delegated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to FDEP whom issues permits to various entities across the State of Florida.

Per this permit, the City must implement a Stormwater Management Program that includes:

  • Inspection, maintenance and operation of the stormwater drainage system
  • Review of construction projects for adequate stormwater management
  • Street sweeping of all curb and gutter roads
  • Collection of litter from streets and City right-of-way
  • Inspection of City facilities and operations for implementation of pollution reduction practices
  • Proper certification of employees and City contractors who apply pesticides and fertilizer
  • Adoption of legal authority that prohibits illicit discharges to the MS4 and requires any construction activities in the City to implement erosion and sediment controls to prevent offsite discharges of sediment
  • Inspection of facilities for potential illicit discharges
  • Inspection of construction projects to ensure installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment controls
  • Education of City staff on good housekeeping and pollution prevention practices
  • Education of the public on pesticide/fertilizer management, illicit discharges, and proper disposal of household hazardous waste.
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