Adopt-A-Road Crew after Cleaning
Adopt-A-Road is a volunteer litter control program sponsored by the City of Apopka. Adopt-A-Road allows citizens to enhance the level of community pride in their surrounding area by reducing litter. Participants agree to pick up trash and litter in the right-of-way or median along roads they adopt, as often as necessary to keep the area clean.

Community Pride

Adopt-A-Road is built on the concept that volunteers at the local level, helping to keep their roads cleaner, will help build more community pride. This in turn will contribute to a safer city and retention of property values.

Neighborhood Cohesiveness

Adopt-A-Road does not attempt to set standards for community cleanliness. It does, however, aim to promote neighborhood cohesiveness and to project an attractive city with a comfortable quality of life.

Joining the Adopt-A-Road Program is a nice way to get acquainted with your neighbors. There are no costs involved in joining Adopt-A-Road and only a little of your time.

Program Information

  • Groups are requested to adopt a one to three mile section of the road for a minimum of two years.
  • Litter should be picked up from your adopted road as needed and at a minimum of six times a year.
  • Adopt-A-Road signs including your organization's name will be installed at each of the adopted roadway sections.

Additional Information

If you or your organization are interested in learning more about the City of Apopka’s Adopt-A-Road Program, please contact us at (407) 703-1681.