Streets & Grounds

Trees being planted.
A street sweeper.

Streets Division

The Streets Division maintains the City's roadways and rights-of-way to achieve their maximum design life and to ensure the continuation of efficient and safe transit on all City streets and sidewalks. This is accomplished through the use of: curbing, pothole repairs, sidewalk installation and repair, street re-surfacing, street-sweeping, streetlight, and traffic signal maintenance. The division also trims tree limbs and removes debris from the public rights-of-way. They also maintain and improve the City's stormwater drains and systems to ensure that they perform to the their designed capacity.

Grounds Division

The Grounds Division maintains over 350 acres of: city parks, street median landscaping, public cemetery,city athletic fields, city facilities, medians,and roadways.
They also assist community organizations in the preparation of community events such as the Apopka Art and Foliage Festival, the Christmas Parade, and other festivities.