Annexation Process

  • Community Development staff coordinate the annexation process.
  • Annexation into the city of Apopka is accomplished by volunteer application.
  • When processed according to the applicable time-schedule, most annexations are undertaken free of charge to the applicant.

Conditions Required

According to Florida State statutes, certain conditions must exist in order to be eligible for annexation:

  1. The property that is proposed to be annexed must be abutting or adjacent to the city of Apopka’s existing boundary lines.
  2. The property that is proposed to be annexed must not create an enclave (cut off) of any other property owner’s land which continues to be governed under Orange County’s jurisdiction.

Benefits of Annexing Into Apopka

With so much occurring in the Apopka area (Wekiva Parkway, Apopka Bypass and unprecedented growth) many property owners are taking advantage of the services, and community support Apopka has to offer.

The city benefits and tax comparison with Orange County outlines advantages when annexed.