Emergency Medical Services

The Apopka Fire department is a licensed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provider with the Florida Department of Health. The EMS division has 12 Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances, 2 ALS quick response squads, and a fleet of Advanced Life Support (ALS) fire trucks.

Unit Features

These units are equipped with advanced life support equipment to provide the highest level of care when EMS personnel arrive at an emergency scene.
Three Apopka ambulance trucks parked on the grass.
Of the 108 firefighters employed by the department, 32 are state licensed EMTs and 76 have been trained to the level of Paramedic.


All EMS personnel are highly trained and required to successfully complete a field training program before they can practice as a primary paramedic or EMT.

Each paramedic and EMT must successfully complete comprehensive protocol and skills testing while working under the direct supervision of a field paramedic preceptor.

Cross Training

Personnel also have additional cross-training in various specialties such as:
  • Firefighting
  • Hazardous materials
  • Rescue divers
  • Rope technicians
  • Vehicle Extrication