Plan Review


Plan review ensures that the design of new developments adhere to city, county and state engineering standards.

Areas of review include:
  • Building and lot surveys
  • Drainage calculations
  • Flood plains
  • Impact fee information
  • Traffic circulation
Engineering Plan Review also assists in the resolution of drainage, traffic and other engineering related problems on previously developed sites.

Additional Areas of Review

Some of the other areas that are under the City Engineers review include:
  • Certificate of acceptance for construction projects
  • Concurrency evaluation for existing city streets
  • Concurrency evaluation for water, sewer, solid waste and traffic for all new projects
  • Conducting pre-construction meetings for new projects approved by City Council
  • Construction inspection
  • Development of Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model Structure (FSUTMS) planning tool for traffic projections
  • Development of impact fee changes
  • Development of impact fees for new or renovated projects
  • Evaluation of flood plan analysis on sites in the city limits
  • Final inspections for construction projects
  • Maintenance of the Community Rating System for flood insurance purposes
  • Plan review for all developments
  • Representing the City on committees such as the Transportation Technical Committee at MetroPlan Orlando, Community Traffic Safety Team, Orange County Pedestrian Committee and St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) Stormwater working group
  • Review of testing for construction projects
  • Reviewing existing drainage conditions in the City
  • Reviewing drainage calculations

Other Duties

Other duties include technical support for special requests from citizens.