Smoke Detector Program

The Apopka Fire Department has initiated an aggressive smoke detector program in the community. The Fire Department provides smoke alarms free of charge for use in one and two family dwellings.

Program Requirements

In order to obtain a smoke detector we ask that you:

  • Live in the City of Apopka or the Apopka Fire Contract Area (Rock Springs, Kelly Park, Plymouth Sorrento and Mt. Plymouth area)
  • Willing to allow the Fire Department to install the smoke detector
  • Currently do not have a smoke detector in your home

Smoke Alarm Benefits

Smoke alarms provide early warning of fires, giving occupants time to leave the home safely during a fire.

Requesting a Smoke Detector

Request Form Button

If you live in the City limits and you need a smoke detector, please fill out the Apopka Fire Department Smoke Detector Request Form.