About the Department

Welcome to the Apopka Fire Department. The Fire Department is rated by ISO as a Class 1 Department. This puts the Apopka Fire Department in the top 0.09% of the country.

Fire Administration Staff

Apopka Fire Administration Staff boasts:

9 Full-Time Staff Including:

  • Command Staff of 6:
    • Chief of Department
    • Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services
    • Division Chief of Suppression
    • Division Chief of Training
    • Division Chief of Life Safety
    • Captain / Fire Inspector
  • Civilian Personnel of 3
    • Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief
    • Secretary II
    • Quality Assurance Specialist

Fire Line Personnel

Apopka Fire Department Line Personnel boasts:

  • 126 Full-Time Firefighters Including
    • 6 District Chiefs
    • 21 Lieutenants
    • 21 Engineers
    • 78 Firefighters
    • 15 Fire Explorers


Apopka Fire Department also has a host of the latest technological and state-of-the-art equipment available to the Fire and EMS Services.


The Fire Administration Division is responsible for all operations of the organization. Headed by Fire Chief Sean Wylam, the duties include:

  • Preparation and control of the operating budget.
  • Administration of fire data processing (NFIRS).
  • Provision of in-service training and education.
  • Emergency Medical Services.
  • Continued evaluation of the department and its function.